Thursday, December 1, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Death Machine

This sinister FD3s was on my own shopping short list a while ago. The current owner using this street car for drift and circuit attack.

Wearing the R-Magic full N1 Quarter Fenders with stock rear bar integration and the N1 Front Bar with additional splitter (an expensive item in itself),  the grim reaper would  have fun in this car. 4, pronounced "Shi" in Japanese is an unlucky number sharing another meaning of "death", so 444 is kind of like 666 in English.

As a street car stance is again set to normal height and the 17" Advan RGII complement the car very nicely.

Stock callipers are all thats required and somehow the stock popup lights still have the "correct styling." Tow Hook, Canards, craft square mirrors and a CF R-Magic hood complete this car's appearance. But to save that splitter it needs to be this high. (for those of you wanting ground effects to work properly, the splitter needs to much lower than this on the track.)

So a quick photoshop shows the down and dirty image of this car.

A "Complete" tuner car like this doesn't come cheap. but when you buy from the second owner, it's usually about 50% cheaper than a DIY build.

Watch out in the mirror... the reaper is lurking!


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