Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Scoot.

If anyone can't pick this bonnet, they aren't an FD Fan.

Scoot is as synonymous with 4 rotors these days as it is with that curvaceous bonnet.

Yes 2.3 litre capacity. A little bigger than stock.

I've covered this car many times on the site, but its very special and it was a surprise to see it at TAS actually. Option's stand was not in the main hall, but in the smaller stadium area.

Styling is a controversial as what the neighbours will think of the sound this thin makes after a midnight auqua line run. Recentlt Koseki san doesn't run this on the street much letting the shaken expire.

I've never actually asked what this is for. Real or not.

The attention getter is always under here. The NA engines sit so low in the FD.

Carbon shrouds the view of the block. so you can't count 1,2,3,4

Scoot's suspension is one of their specialties after starting in F1. Recently Super GT gets support from scoot.

The custom airbox keeps the engine bay looking balanced an simple.

Lights are based on RE-Amemiya buckets with upgraded bulbs.

Scoot body was a collaboration with Tamon Design

 Mirrors are unique with custom LED and the interior features the Defi DSSC cluster flocked dash and more. Doors a vertically opening half size. It's quite simply to get in to, sitting on the sill is easy, then drop in.

Enkei TC4 wheels keep an elegance to this speed freak.

Up front scoot calipers and custom brakes help haul this car to a standstill.

Want a 4 Rotor for your machine. Give Koseki a call.

some LONG bolts.

And superbly balanced rotors.

The car was parked in a bad position for photography. Damn ugly feed car in the way... haha.

remember that poster... See you at 7's day

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Fujita Eng.

Fujita's emotive design on the FD3s is still a very strong favourite among many including myself.

It's one of the few body-kits that doesn't over power the original FD3s shape. It just add's that extra curve here or there.

Displayed on the option stand next to the Scoot 4 rotor (more on that later), the two cars couldn't look more different. The smooth curves of the Fujita machine Vs the Sharp angles of the Scoot car.

The name reads "FEED Advan New Gun Metal FD3s". This is a new build that took most of 2011 and debuted at Tsukuba's rev speed event.

 Fujita always have a good relationship with Advan and that's another reason this car gets attention. Deep GT-R dish TCIII with the machined centres in silver look amazing.

They have a certain impact, don't you think?

The side of the car becomes a mix of depth. The small carbon additions have been copied by everyone, but FEED are the originators.

Fujita engineering's trademark colour, Gun Metal has adorned many of their cars, both street and race versions. This car's target is street, however we have already seen it demolish Tsukuba in 58s. A multi tasking car that fit's the desires of many owners. Any further than this and you get into spending a squillion dollars on a car that only gets used a few times a year. I've been there.

 Side view has the large F stripe, and the Help Tohoku area sticker still remains. Yes, still earthquakes every day in Japan.

The rear of the car doesn't have any real features. They never run a diffuser on the street spec cars and to get  fast laps a big wing and more power is sometimes just as effective. (to a point) Craft Company usually add the Osaka version of the FD diffuser.

 Mmmm curvy.

Mmmm Shiney.

Front bumper type II and Canard set, integrated Feed HID spot lights. A lot of custom ducting is also used in the front.

You can almost see here. Feed run a FMIC but the lower section is elevated to allow half the opening air volume to hit the Radiator. Does it work...? I remember an article that says temps are above normal, but running high pressure caps and good quality coolant can keep the temps with a safe range. But you NEED those things anyway.

I'll finish with this shot. If you look on the WALL, you can see the advertisement for 7's day 2012!!!!!

The Mazda Tuning Festa 2012 will take place on 2012 JULY 06 Friday! Maybe I'll see you there.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - 20B Carbon.

20B Carbon sounds like a 24Carat Gold . Precious. It's once of the most powerful street cars to come out of the RE-Amemiya stable.

Everything on this car has been modified. Everything!

 Especially the engine bay!

 3 rotor Cosmo based engine still retaind the 20B REW configuration...

How can that be?

There's two Trust TD-06-25G turbines blowing air in and out of this machine.

V-mount inter-cooling and water cooling. Titanium strut bar is a highlighted rare piece.

The spec sheet is long and as you'd expect with a twin turbo, many items are listed twice.

As featured in 2008, the car re-appears at TAS for sale. The Carbon glistening like it was new. It still is.
AC 037 front and fenders as featured on the Final 7 accommodate 20 inch rims.

Love or hate the AC 987 rear, you have to admit that the anti-drag capabilities are all there.

Trademark down turned tailpipe nicknamed dolphin tail.

One of a kind and always will be.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - TS Concept.

New Look at some older cars from RE-Amemiya. This is the TS Concept.

Good News! They are for sale through!

The sweeping Super Greddy 3 Evo bodykit is awesome. Still my favourite.

It's integrated very very well. I like how it smooths out the FD even more.

Still maintains the short overhang.

This one has DG5 RE-Amemiya Spec Street tuned suspension. Featured outdoors here at 7's Day and last year and full spec are hear at TAS 2011.

Enkei GT-C and Neova are the Amemiya combo backed up with Amemiya calipers.

Lots of small details like the carbon mirrors and carbon look wipers to start.

Rear is not the low sweeping hatch. This uses the normal hatch and the TS bumper with IPF integrated lights and central stop lamp. Street Legal GT3 wing also in place.

Pretty cool!