Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September 2011 - Editorial

September has come and what have you rotary nutters been doing...?

I've has been super busy on other .RSG. design and other RC and scale projects. However, I did manage to get out and enjoy the FD a bit. Ebisu was fun, but alas now I'm back in Tokyo diving is a bit of a luxury. You really don't need a car to get around so much, especially when most workplaces reimburse train travel costs. You can really understand how some cars only travel 5000 klms a year in this country. I think mine is heading that way.

Plans for my car still include sale in the near future as the market dictates. However I'll be doing a little driving this month. Just to get out and about. Expect a few updates along the way (7's day shots are still in the hundreds) and a special item I've been holding back.

RE-Xtreme archive is back and although I've deleted a bunch of stuff there's still a lot of previous features to keep you interested.

Enjoy ku-gatsu.



Please excuse my very poor Japanese. Maybe I should do more.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Emotion Vs Style

There is always one car at 7's day that pushes the boundaries of creativity. A few simple things from someone with a certain style can crossover into something special.

What are those few things. Well this straight twin pipe exhaust is the start, could be straight off a shakotan machine and when combined with the bent number plate creates a certain "breaking the rules" style.

The next thing are the rear Work VS wheels. Totally dished and stretched and again, not something you see matched to RE-Amemiya Super Greddy 2 Fenders. Especially in Japan.

Front dish is one piece style. Deep 215/40/17 stretch on wide chrome Work XD9 with max offset are hardly ever matched to wide front fenders in Japan. It's usually TE-37 or Advan RS filling the guards with Neova on a time attack machine. Quite simply a breath of fresh air. on full lock there should be plenty of clearance for some drift action.

As FD prices are falling into the cheaper range, a few young rebels are getting their hands on these beasts and spending a little more to create a very cool 10K car.

This shot doesn't do justice to the width of the fronts. They are way outside the fender line. The frontal image caught my attention among a sea of other similar machines. It wasn't until I got around the back, that this car really showed it's unique in Japan style.

One of my favourites from seven's day. An older car refreshed, the older AD hood confuses the appearance against the 2002 N1 bumper straight away.

Unfortunately, I couldn't hear the exhaust note. Should be quite the "Brap" mobile.


7's Day 2011 - The Terminator

Cruising around the paddock at 7's day, I spotted this "machine" lurking in the parking area.

The owner appeared soon after and I had the chance to have a brief chat. I couldn't believe that this car was driven on the street. He was a Tsukuba regular and while not running on 7's day, the car was ready for action.

It's a mixed bag of parts that are quite mismatched but the car had so much front end presence, you kind of ignored the rest. The add-ons dominate the car and the wideness is simply accentuated by eliminating the curves and adding stronger lines.

From Tsukuba toDaikoku you need to use the highway. A practical race-car?

It stands out in any crowd.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

7's Day 2011 - R-Magic Doriya!

R-Magic and Kenji Takayama. An awesome combo.

 As one of the few remaining Fd3s running in D1, the limits are still going up as they push this car within breaking point. The 13B is getting all kinds of add ons in search of that level playing field with the 1000hp competitors.

Heading out on track, The car was once again repaired after damage at Odaiba and Okayama. Looking pristine.

A warm up lap before burying the pedal. The two main cars at 7's day were Kenji and as we've seen Suenaga. Both on par. I'd call one more time.

Another thing we've seen were the passenger demos. Oh the lucky to experience a couple of laps in here.

 A nice smooth sequence and a few mm of Falken 595RS-R rubber left on Tsukuba's hairpin..

Personally I like the Yellow side more than the pink side. Seems to have more impact.

Ohara-san finding something funny.

While others just enjoy the car.

 This intercooler is not enough, currently R-Magic is experimenting with much a much thicker cooler.

Everything gets hot under here with Wide Open throttle and not much forward airflow. Fan runs directly onto the fuel rail.

Drivers get hot too, ducting onto the driver is a necessity, just like the sequential shifter.

 You can make up your own mind about Time attack aero parts on a drift car. But with a trail of white smoke,  cool looking cars are even cooler!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Revolution Noir

Revo-tune's rx8 3 rotor NA monster.

This left hand drive Rx8 is an awesome machine. The sound is amazing! The revised Rx8 is a much better looking machine also. It's amazing how small changes can really effect a cars overall appearance.

Subtle bodywork at play here. Splitter , Craft Square mirrors, Carbon rear doors and other small enhacements get the car lower and meaner.

Aoki-san hardly gets time to rest at these days. modifying engine maps and extracting that extra performance. After each run, he can usually be seen checking digi-spice data for where the car can be quicker on the circuit.

Don't worry about the smoke. It's a rotary.

Silver roof is a mystery. I only noticed it in my pictures... Usually hard to check sooo many details on one day.

Screaming past the pit.

Into the hairpin. The car was running arount 1.01 on the day on S-tyres.

Sitting on the grid for the Hot Version Race, it was looking fast. New Rays RE-30 Club Sport look awesome.

You can see the Pan Speed Rx8 just behind, actually, just infront on the reverse grid. These cars run about the same speed.

 And finished in about the same place on the track.

A very well executed fast NA machine.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Frogger

RE-Amemiya's D1 7 with the Super Greddy I Kit is hardly the best looking car around. But painted black and chrome, the lines are hidden a little and at least it looks respectable.

I've featured this car before so I didn't spend much time in the pit. Masao Suenaga was absolutely ripping it up on 7's day. Maybe he was loving to be back in the FD. :)

The Drift Samurai's D1SL car was no match. They played a lot on the day, but Masao's machine was that step above and Suenaga-san was able to put it anywhere he wanted.

The extra length on the car is a tough ask for the car. It looks like a missile.

But does all the right things in the handling department. Traction seems great for a drift car. RE-Amemiya have abandoned the use of the diffuser on this machine. It's not designed for this purpose.

Look at the angle of the front wheels. Castor and Angle. Knuckles are a must.

Here is Masao hunting Immamura.

They were having fun, but sometimes you need to stop for tyres. The front view of the machine is great. It's that rear...

Suenaga was also giving rides on the day. Here he is with a lucky passenger. who experienced the following run.

Back to the pit. Definitely the ugly duckling of the RE-Amemiya garage.

But who cares about the body, It's drifting that this car excels at.

Kenji and Suenaga playing with friends.

Looks fun, doesn't it.