RC Division

RC and other car related hobbies have been in my blood for my entire life. RC and my collections allow me  to enjoy cars and especially the FD3s without major expense. Modifying anything seems to be part of my DNA so this is a much cheaper option.

The full FD3s RC garage is here @ http://rextremerc.blogspot.com/

Including the above

HPI Mazdaspeed RE-Amemiya 210mm GT-2 LM D1 FD3s.

Pan Speed FC "Asamoto FC"

Vertex Body FD3s with Shakotan style RX-3 fenders.

RE-Amemiya FD Super Greddy III a.k.a RWB Porsche 993 "Kingyo's Affair"

HPI Mazdaspeed 200mm FD3s with Kunnyz JZX wing and Shimizu canards.

Now in full Newera Imports race livery.

Tamiya RE-Amemiya Super GT+D1 SPL.

Yokomo RE-Amemiya D1 - TA "Takumi" 7

ABC Hobby Super Body 190mm FD3s RX-7 "Taikyu 7".