Monday, January 17, 2022

Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 - FD3s

By Far the FD I'd love to schred from TAS is this Scoot Engined Drift beast. 

RE-Amemiya D1 Kit and some older greddy 9 rear wing plus all the vents in the world make a cool addition, 

the sleek lights with LED look additionally cool. 

Far too conventional is this full tune RE-AD GT bodied car with scoot bonnet. Initial D replicas always appear from time to time.   

The NATS guys couln't help themselves paying tribute to Fast and Furious. 

The best thing about this FD though is the roof. The targa top really suiting the fd3s.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 - 4 Rotor and Non FD Cars

Get used to this 4 Rotor Fans...

Hibino's R35 for Formula D

Replacing the S15 with 4 Rotor Engine. 

Power is power... no matter the chassis. Larger wheel Size for Five X racing tyres.

Mature tune S15 4 rotor is also another masterpiece. 

Huge Turbo guarantees the numbers are large. 

old school fans get the RX3 / 808 Savanna Wagon.

Gotta use all the names. 

RE-Amemiya was also showing the ND Roadster Swap on a Garage Vary body

Renensis with around 280hp. this would be pretty special.