Welcome to RE-Xtreme.

The vision is to provide a showcase for tuners and owners of Mazda's Pure Sports FD3s Rx-7. Being currently located in Tokyo, Japan, allows us access to Japanese tuners and expand the following for owners from all over the world.

Having owned a fair share of Japanese performance cars including 3 FD3s Rx-7s and 2 FC3s Rx-7s, we are quite involved in motor-sport and have links to tuners, importers and exporters. You can read about our Japan based FD3s demo cars below and on other dedicated blogs linked to the site.

I believe them to be among the best true sports cars in the world. The body is emotive, the twin turbo rotary engine is an interesting power source that delivers smooth power and the chassis allows all the features for a "Driver" to get rewards from controlled inputs.

RE-Xtreme has been collating and providing links to content since 1994 and been based in Japan since 2002, so our event and feature archive is quite extensive.

The Rx-7 has a large following and we look forward to sharing some of the best cars in Japan and the World.

We hope you enjoy RE-Xtreme.

Russell Gander - Editor.

RE-Xtreme has been involved with three FD3s over the last 7 years. The latest incarnation of RE-Xtreme is Version III.

Version III base is a track car and this car has all it needs for lapping decent times. Unfortunate circumstances have me placing it for sale for no reason other than it isn't getting enough use.

The car is setup with a single turbo, cage and feels very raw and inputs must involve thought. This is not a car for the inexperienced driver.

The FD3s can reward and this is the main reason for the purchase of this one. To try to get faster. Tuned FD3s can provide so much more than the stock machine. But that also requires a special place to drive.

For now, the story continues here.

Version II was the dream car that was sidetracked. The dream was to return to Japan, and build a rough bodied track / drift car. I purchased all the parts for my dream with the assistance of Neweraparts.com and I got a little carried away.

It ended up receiving a centerfold in a few magazines and although I did take it to the track, but the worry of destroying something too special was hard for me. So having heavily invested in this car, the very sad decision to part with this car was one that didn't come lightly.

It now has a home in the UK.

It's story lives here for the time being.

This was my first FD3s Rx-7. It proved to be a very cool machine as it was transformed from a stock silver Type R in Japan into a widebody slider that I used in Australia. While not exactly a show car. It was cool enough for me and made me crazy for more.

You can read the full story here for now.

Have fun and enjoy the site.