Thursday, September 22, 2016

Back in the saddle.

Back in Japan, I had the opportunity to catch up with old friends and their cars.

Newera Imports has picked and perfected this machine over many years.

Having driven it on many occasions during it's transformation from near stock twin turbo through to it's current 400+ Single turbo spec....

The FD character is undeniable.

the fact that within the cockpit. you have everything at arms length and the noises of spooling turbo and BOV with crackling exhaust overrun were coming flooding back.

Knight Sports in OI Tokyo have been maintaining this machine and it now sports a total demo car spec sheet from said maker. Although the only external hints to real speed are the rear bumper and the addition of the Scoot Sports bonnet from my previous white FD.

Having one too many RE-Amemiya diffusers fail at high speed. this car is now more street capable.

Perfect diffuser alignment is hard to maintain at high speed. especially when most installs are aimed at cosmetics only. Fuji Speedway at 250+ and you'd better swap out those flimsy brackets.

This adventure was a chance to catch up with old friends and enjoy what we used to love so much.

A day in the Yamas. Although Dino's Blue GTR was left at home we still had more than enough fun for one day. 

We weren't the only ones schredding the Mazda Turnpike, Izu and Ashinoko Skylines to pieces.

Aki's perfect Mines tuned R33 with rattling getrag gearbox leading most of the way.

I wouldn't dare blow FD backfire over the cleanest car in the world.

R33 turned near R35 spec monster

Our trip covered 10 hours and a couple of tanks full. Many tolls and it was all worth it.

Next stop ... FD shop.