Tuesday, August 30, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Emotion Vs Style

There is always one car at 7's day that pushes the boundaries of creativity. A few simple things from someone with a certain style can crossover into something special.

What are those few things. Well this straight twin pipe exhaust is the start, could be straight off a shakotan machine and when combined with the bent number plate creates a certain "breaking the rules" style.

The next thing are the rear Work VS wheels. Totally dished and stretched and again, not something you see matched to RE-Amemiya Super Greddy 2 Fenders. Especially in Japan.

Front dish is one piece style. Deep 215/40/17 stretch on wide chrome Work XD9 with max offset are hardly ever matched to wide front fenders in Japan. It's usually TE-37 or Advan RS filling the guards with Neova on a time attack machine. Quite simply a breath of fresh air. on full lock there should be plenty of clearance for some drift action.

As FD prices are falling into the cheaper range, a few young rebels are getting their hands on these beasts and spending a little more to create a very cool 10K car.

This shot doesn't do justice to the width of the fronts. They are way outside the fender line. The frontal image caught my attention among a sea of other similar machines. It wasn't until I got around the back, that this car really showed it's unique in Japan style.

One of my favourites from seven's day. An older car refreshed, the older AD hood confuses the appearance against the 2002 N1 bumper straight away.

Unfortunately, I couldn't hear the exhaust note. Should be quite the "Brap" mobile.


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