Wednesday, December 7, 2011

7's Day 2011 - FC Heaven

Daikoku is always full of FC3s and FC3c on 7's Day. This is the venue for the FC lovers. These two BN Sports style machines showing the true Japanese Drift style made famous by Haruguchi.

You always find awesome cars here, This B-Wave bumper on the FC was always a favourite of mine.

Panasport G7 5 spokes and some nice period correct items. some people would kill for the window rain defectors on this car. But check the background, Daikoku fills with enthusiasts, from restored stock to wild chops.

these old school Enkei 3 piece rims and a wild combo and further down the row you see the Tamon demo car. Some guys bring some items to off load.

The Japanese variety and abundance is hard to imagine for some. Stock 84 FC3S to 91 Enfini. It's all here.

GT-R rims are a nice upgrade on this base model. Thankfully no NA cars in Japan. Only the turbo monsters.

These black car was the cleanest I found. The owner very pleased to show it off.

All FC lovers are "quirky", right? You have to be to put up with FC electrical gremlins and the 80's wonder.

If that's too much for you then a few upgrades usually eliminate most problems. But some take it a bit further to full rebuild level. This car was perFeCt!

go go FC.


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