Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - The Result.

 Tsukuba TC2000 played host to the Rev Speed Super Battle 2011. This event always brings the big guns out to fight for Tsukuba supremacy.

This day however, the weather would play a big part in the final outcome. Snow! Yes SNOW! at the start of the day meant temps were around zero. But the sun came out in the middle of the day to give an idea of what might be possible. But in the end a true time attack was not possible.

The early sessions were basically reserved for radial tyres and some sessions were all about creating a dry line with some entrants asked to circulate and create a dry line. There was a lot of drifting as cars struggled for traction.

I have some beautiful shots from this event. I was playing around with the DSLR, so you might see something different as I feature each of the main FD3s and some other competitors.

But for now here are the times. Remember these are on a wet track with only a semi-dry line. Revolution says there was 2 seconds in the track. So these times represent huge potential for smashing records within the year. Tyres again have raised the bar with many using two sets of super sticky compound in their main session. 1~2 laps of best performance.

Revolution TA2 - '54.713  (Best time ever 53.9)
Pan Speed T/A 2010 - '56.197
Pro Shop Screen D2 GT35 - '56.413
RE-Wing Street '57.651
Fujita Engineering Feed Advan FD3s 58.051
Pan Speed Street King '59.219
Pan Speed RX8 '59.741
Leg Motorsport RX8 1'03.847
R-Magic RX8 1'04.886
I's Factory RX8 1'05.367
Real Tech RX8 1'06.648

As the time attack season in Japan is only just getting started, you can expect some great times over the season.


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