Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - Wingman

Are you pumped up for this?

The Re-Wing FD has run the Wangan at over 300, Run Tsukuba in under 59. and probably much more that we can't really talk about.

 Tuning is what you might call... SERIOUS. But the fact remains that this body is more stock than many others.

T78-33D - Custom Intercooler with HPI core mates to a 13b side port with power well over 500hp.

Wheels are usually TE37 TSUBASA SPL for RE-Wing. 18x10 and 18x11 rear with 265 front and new 295 rear Advan AO50. but today there were some Prodrive and enkei in the mix. This creates a footprint much greater than other time attack cars and are actually similar in size to the Revolution and Pan speed machines.

Huge vented bonnet and hinged openings let hot temps escape with ease and draws air through the intercooler.

Eventually the air exits through a catalyser and original titanium exhaust.

Which has a nice droop to it.

In the cool morning the effect is awesome.

Taniguchi at the wheel with plenty of FD experience and he has a nice familiar 6speed sequential to bang on.

Hammering down the straight. Banging away.

And into the first corner. Tsukuba's shooting locations leave a lot to be desired. Bent wires are great for ripping your clothes.

As the sun came out. 57.651 was the result. The cars are simply getting quicker and quicker and times are repeatable. Remember there is a couple of seconds in the track, so this might be another car soon in the 56 region. Maybe we will see it transform to a complete Aero wonder in the future.

The transformation of late has been a cost / benefit kind of tuning with a block of rubber added under the front splitter to act as an air dam. But I'm sure if airflow was improved around the car, we'd see even further improvements.

Want to fly, get some wings... RE-Wings.


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