Monday, December 19, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - Screen Play

GO! ..................................... SLOWLY!

I guess the guys at Pro Shop Screen just wanted to dial in some settings in their first session because the track was so wet that a reasonable time was not possible.

So lets have a look around the Screen GT35 FD3s that is now sponsored by D2 Japan.

This R-Magic N1 Spec Body is extended in the front with Screen's own splitter design, they use an RE-Amemoya hood and a large SARD Wing. 18" CE28N do the grip.

The result is very aggressive.

RE-Amemiya Sleek Lights with one removed for Turbo intake ducting do the illumination and the small R-Magic N1 Bumper already includes tiny bulbs for indication. Not the track spec stone chips.

A nice canard array helps with doenforce and airflow management along the side of the car.

The setup is quite intricate.

CE28 N have the D2 spec callipers peering through from behind. 8pot up front.

4 pot in the rear. Both use a floating slotted rotor design.

R-Magic N1 quarter panels finish at the normal bumper and an RE-Amemiya diffuser all help anti-drag management and rear downforce.

You've probably already noticed the cool welding on the exhaust. maybe you didn't notice it exits on the opposite side than normal.

 The tip is just for show but angles sound away from decibel meters.

 The guys were warming up the car for their attack session. the whine of the sequential transmission was very cool.

The engine bay is on the clean side. Everything looks as functional as a chefs stainless kitchen.

 Ready to do some cooking?


The side diffusers also help to smooth airflow, then the rear section kicks up air vortexes to speed air past the rear wheels. (that's the theory anyway)

Then these long canards try to create vortexes to reduce drag at the rear of the car too.

Replacement lights for the FD3s are hardly noticed these days. RX-8 styling seems to suit the car. But they almost look like stock items anyway.

Stay tuned for Part II. I'll showcase the Screen Machine on track.


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  1. Love these guys!... What a racing machine, looks fast just standing still.


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