Friday, December 23, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - Panic Attack

It's time for the top two FD3s at Tsukuba's rev speed Battle. I think you can guess this car.

But it was a long wait until the big guns hit the track. Moist does not describe the weather.

Check the windows... a heavy breathing session...?

Laughing gas perhaps? No the Pan Speed car is like a space ship... It lives mostly in an anti gravity environment.

but when it touches down, it looks awesome!

Even doing 2 km/h it looks fast.

But on track it looks ballistic. Like a heat seeker.

Dunlop sponsored, the Pan speed car uses Direzza 03G tyres, which may be lagging a bit in the grip department compared to the other guys with super grippy GS compound.

Unlike those guys however, the TA2010 spec car is able to do 5~10 laps on each set. Providing a bigger reward for the driver.

That's probably the main difference in this car's times. so if you factor that in, it's probably capable of more. It's super reliable these days.

One of the few times I got the shutter speed and my panning speed to match the name's sake.

Back in the pits, some contemplation must be in their minds.

These cars run on a limited budget. You will notice pan speed use wheels from a while ago. SE37K etc

Rear brakes are ground back to make things work.

It's not your million dollar sponsorship deal from Mazda thats for sure.

Mazda spends more in America in a weekend on crap executives travelling to meetings and Mazdaspeed Demios and MX5 cup than it does supporting motorsport in Japan because there is ZERO tv coverage for any motorsport over here. The Sports car market is dead in Japan.

Has any tuner been given a Spirit R RX8 to promote the car...? NO!

The public is basically incapable of comprehending motorsport apart from F1 these days due to money going to a few tv execs who support the same tv actors for 30 years.

Mini-rant over, the Pan Speed team and all Japanese Teams need support...

Come on! Buy some genuine gear people! The AB-Flug / Pan Speed collaboration bodykit is now available.

Keep them near the front. They are fighting hard. '56.197 is awesome. But it's far from the car's true potential.


  1. I agree Russ, thats why I will never buy a knockoff product! Id rather spend the full amount than purchase anything from Shine/replica companies.

  2. In USA the culture is on front of the télévision. There are lots of people in front of the TV & all dat shit. In Japan the real culture is in the meeting, big cars events and on the track ! I am always impressed when I saw to much people on each cars events in Japan. the real love real culture !!! If The Sports car market is dead in Japan. It 's dead anywhere !


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