Monday, December 19, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - On Screen Antics

Now Screening... "Monster Attacks".

I was ready, but I wasn't. The start to the session happened suddenly with the cars exiting their respective pit exits in a blur.

Well, that's how I saw it, because I hadn't adjusted my camera from the previous session.

So I slid through the Tsukuba gate to get a few nice shots. I think I could sell a few RX-8 style light sets with this one.

Maybe some Dunlop tyres... No! The Screen car runs Hankook.

 A terrible shot, but the two hankook runners didn't get in each other's way.

Ahh, now the desktop shots are coming. What's that web address?, Thank you!

Something about taking in more of the scenery. You get an idea of the atmosphere. If not the sound.

The guys did quite a few laps allowing me a few chances to get it right and many to get it completely wrong. I guess photography is just like driving in many ways. The right conditions, decent setup and a lot of practice.

The screen guys have an insane equipment, great setup, and they got their practice in early. Full attack landing them third fastest FD on the day, only 2 tenths off the Pan Speed TA spec machine. '56.415 is even under the RE-Amemiya GT AD benchmark of 2003. This car has really improved and it will go faster.

There's something about this car that I love. It's very close to the road looking machines and it is now arguable the fastest stock body machine. Pan Speed's suspension geometry could be said puts them in a different class. So has this has become the ultimate "FD3s"?

for the time being, let's say yes. Until the hurricane returns at least.

Congrats to Screen Powers. in the wake of the Tsunami, the sendai based outfit has been through a lot.

Screen Power's Blog Entry has a beautiful shot of their machine. Check it out.


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