Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two Thousand and Eleven

This is a very long post as it was a very long year. A lot has happened with a lot of learning and decisions along the way. Let's rock out 2011 with a look back through my lens as it happened.

TAS as always brings out the best of the best. The Hattari RX-8 from RE-Amemiya drew my attention for line and colour.

But the bling from Junction Produce had me thinking about other things.

R-Magic's ventures into the small screen include the use of this car.

And their ventures in D1 include the outright abuse of this car. I wondered weather it would last the year without a refresh. It did not. By half year, the body was refreshed and D1 was again up and running... kind of.

But this car really stole my imagination. A lot of vinyl and imagination can work.

One car that was a star at TAS was the Hurricane RX-7. But the year ended without the key aturn.

The main reason was of course this event. Ebisu circuit felt the brunt of it. It effected us all.

My shoestring budget for track adventures dried up and left me with the reality of a great car that I couldn't drive.

One last drive for contemplation was actually the first real drive I had around Hakone.

While the economy has slowed the markets for sports cars for most are a non-reality. I did manage to get the car on track during the year, but it was non the full attack I had initially planned.

One thing I started at the beginning of the year was a side project .RSG. design. While Ebisu based were recovering from the March events, I helped them out with some designs for their D1SL machines.

It seems like 7's day was a spark to get the ball rolling again. The turnout for events was huge!

Tuners keen to get back on track and boost the economy.

I started to take my photography a lot more seriously again also.

I think the results have paid off with my range improving through the year.

With 7's day attracting so many different people and styles it was ideal time to relaunch RE-Xtreme's new format.

Aoki-san from revolution watches on as lucky passengers were seated for some rides of their lives.

My favourite shot from 7's day. The R-Magic Gunship in action.

but the graphics and design also captured my attention.

While my hobbies have turned away from real racing for the time being, I found a niche in RC Drift which also allows me to prototype designs in a relatively inexpensive, fun way.

My father owning an RC shop has meant RC cars have always been around, but the reality in them these days is amazing.

The FD3s was sold and funds made available for new ventures in 2012.

Where and What are in my mind somewhere...maybe.

As the year drew to an end, I have a few cool experiences, Tsukuba super battle always showcases the best. I enjoyed the day immensely.

This shot really strikes a note with me. I think it sums up my attitude towards cars at the moment.

Although not an FD3s, this shot was by far my best picture from TSB.

However, this is an FD3s and it is my favorite at the moment. Minus the graphics, this is my pick a car that very well could be the perfect FD.

TSB is also a place I can meet and try to chat with some great people in my broken Japanese/English. If I'd kept my roadster, it probably would have had a 2.5L block and many more parts from Nopro by now.

But the sights, sounds and atmoshphere are what I like about track days in Japan. While some target for 52seconds these days, I'm just happy to look and admire.

I love this out of focus shot, It proves passion is still red.

Next year and the future are very uncertain. it seems in the last one or two years, things have changed rather quickly. Is this the way forward with re-chargeables from a nuclear source?

Or will this beast shake up the driving passion and re-ignite the industry.

for Mazda owners... I've given up trying to pump up a new rotary sports car. I thought the announcement would come on 07/07/07, but that was 5 years ago now. With 2012 being the 10th anniversary of the demise of the FD3s from production, new parts are still coming for the rotary fans, so I'll be at TAS 2012 to show the best from the event, but where we go from there, the future is uncertain.

Russell Gander


  1. Happy New Years Russ, Thanks for sharing your passion with us.. all the best from Oliver @ FD3S.DK

  2. Happy New Year and the best for 2012, Russ. I hope all your dreams are fulfilled for the New Year, and that you continue to bring us stunning images and info on RX-7's and Rotary developement.

  3. Thanks for all your updates Russ. It's a great blog!

  4. Russ, I can't wait to see you build the RWB inspired FD. It should look great. Happy New Year!


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