Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - Supper Time.

When I saw the New Fujita Engineering Advan Rx-7 sitting on matte black Advan RG-II, I literally stopped in my tracks. It was kind of winking at me... Ka Ching! Ka Ching! You know you want it!

I've always been an Advan fan, with RS and RGIIs adorning my cars in the past, but something about this Gun and Black matching set spells aggressive in a big way!

I think it's the simplicity of it all. The curvaceous spokes and the colour combination is like something a  street fighter should be wearing.

Stealth black and red Ninja headband enables undetected attacks. All it needs is an automatic shuriken launcher to blow competitors tyres.

In the shadows... it lurks, it waits, it stalks it's prey...

OK... enough metaphors, the rear is relatively simple. Not even a diffuser, Makes you wonder doesn't it? No, it's a street car and practicality is foremost.

If feed were to seriously build a no expense spared Time Attacker then it would probably start with their Afflux V body and not this shell.

It's only +30 each side and these 9.5J run 255 all round for the tyre management scenarios.  Usually offset is +24 and the rear wears a 30mm spacer. But I'd recommend a 20mm spacer on the rear from experience.

Feed bonnet vents at the rear are functional. But it's action time.

Ooi-san attacking the hairpin. You can see the circuit had dried up in places and the Sun was kind of out. Drivers were told a hot lap should include headlights. The small HIDs work well for this job.

This was the session where the fast times would come.

The titanium pipe was relatively quiet compared to many others I've heard.

Suspension working well into the banked hairpin. Ooi-san trail braking right to the apex as a real driver should show his skills.

With Advan A050 GS compound lasting about 3 laps, the car was soon in for a new set. Off with the Advan RGII. Cry...

Fujita-san doing jack duty on his new machine.

Whats this? Advan RS-D in matte black... just as awesome... maybe.

I headed over to the main straight for this end to the session. Bonnet lifting a little under speed. No bonnet pins on this street car.

With every lap I tried longer shutter openings to get that blur of speed.

But I was surprised when the car headed straight out of the track down the escape road out of the circuit. It seems the guys had already packed up their stuff ready for the long drive back to Osaka. This car literally drove straight off the track, changed tires back to Neova uncovered the number plate and the drove 6 hours on the highway. I hope they remembered to change the damper settings. Flat beds are for pussies or professionals.

'58.051 was their best.  The FD done to a club racing spec is a car you could live with. Don't go to far and it will reward anywhere, anytime.

The Feed Spirits.



  1. God I love this car so much. Thank you very much for all this detail on one of my favorite tuners.

  2. You're welcome. The beast is awesome.

    Your red machine looks good. Simple styling and subtle upgrades. Very nice.

  3. Thanks Russ. Comming from you I feel about ten feet tall now.


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