Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - King St

I love this Pan Speed FD when it sits on the Regamaster EVOs. It's kind of takes me back to when I first got hooked on them.

 This is how the car arrived at the track. Dirty! Rain and brake dust do wonders for a yellow car...  like it was driven there.... hang on... it was driven there. Haha. Thats why this is called the "Street King"

Rain Rain, Choose the wrong camera setting on an overcast day and you get colour like this.

This is closer to the real hue, but this car's paint is a bit of a chameleon. Orangey Yellowey yellow. Check the ducting for the intake.

Anyway, the three beasts that form the Pan Speed demo car lineup these days push the envelope for tuning.

Water droplets and kevlar... Almost art.

As I wandered around in the rain. It didn't look like the car would see any where under 1 minute.

But then the sun came out!!!! BLING!

Swap the EVOs for CE28Ns and try some radial tyre times.

The track was still completely wet in the first session but a 1'02.532 seemed promising.

Small patches of dry line were starting to appear.

A swap to some stickier rubber saw the times drop as the sun rose behind the clouds.

Head out and try...

TE37 SL in flat offset and dish offset on the rear bring the car up to date.

And looking awesome...'59.741 is definitely fast for a street car. Now, I just have to work on my own camera pan speed.


  1. I love panspeed and your new photos brings this blog up another notch, my favorite blog by far!

  2. I still have the main t/a cars to come

    Thanks for the head swelling comment



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