Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tokyo Motor Show - Shinari

Tokyo Motor Show 2011. This is the Shinari concept with Kodo design language. Soul in Motion.

I'm not sure what to expect from shows like this anymore, especially as far as Mazda are concerned. The Shinari is amazing, but how much of it could we expect in a new RX-7. I fear the answer is NONE.

The EYE of the shinari bleeds directly into the grill section. The lower canard section houses a small line of LED.

 This car has great proportions with the tyres filling the guards while the wheels extend past the trye. It definitely incorporates the samurai and ninja katana blade styling we expect from Japan.

I'd like to think this could work with a slim line frontal section in a super low sports car, but I think global safety standards would almost kill any hope of that.

It's very RX-8-like with the front bulbous fenders and similar facial design. but it's another step in the right direction.

I stepped back and looked at the rear lights for a long time. they are really quite special.

The integration of alloy and translucent plastics is fantastic. However, we all know Mazda has no plans for a rotary sports car due to the global limitations for emissions that effectively killed the 16X and the rumours of an RX-7 replacement have seen 10 years of speculation and no result. Even the Taiki and the previous flowing design language that also produced the Furai has come and gone. I have no doubt there is an RX-7 body that has already been designed incorporating these design elements, but I feel we will never see it in any form other than a concept.

Maybe one day the RE-7 will emerge with Rotary Electric power. I felt a little deflated after the motor show as some may realize that the Rotary and its Piston powered brothers are in their final days. By 2020 what new cars will be available?

If you follow the other concepts at the show. It will be a hybrid or pure electric. Temporary Skyactiv technologies from Mazda will only serve to fill a gap until costs come down.

The realities of future transportation are blurred. The future looks interesting, but the BRAAAP of the rotary is DEAD.  Get your Spirit R RX-8 if you want the last Mazda Built Rotary. Better make sure you get a few spare engines with it though.



  1. Great lines
    why not build it like that ...
    many ppl will buy it pleas just try mazda

  2. I'm with you Perplex. It looks just right, as is!


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