Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 2011 - Editorial

December means... Xmas Shopping? Holidays? Toys?


Time Attack Season is upon us. Expect to see some monsters out and about. Arios, CC, R-Magic, Pan Speed  and RE-Amemiya and others will be running again soon.

These machines will be in attendance at the REV Speed Tsukuba Super Battle on Friday 9th of Dec and I have my camera ready...

Recently, as you can see I'm still sorting through the masses of images from 7's day.
A bunch of new parts have been released for the FD3s, I update some of them on the Facebook page so check it out.

I'm also heading to the Tokyo Motor show next week. We shall see what new toys there are.

End of December Xmas will come. Here's a few for your list.

Ebbro RE-Amemiya Super GT 1/43 Scale Static die cast model.
Yokomo RE-Amemiya GT300 1/12th scale RC.
Tamiya RE-Amemiya Super GT 1/10th Scale RC
Yokomo RE-Amemiya D1 FD 1/10th Scale Drift RC

Or Maybe something real.

RE-Amemiya TS Concept TAS Car 1/1 Scale

Then it's TAS time early next year. I'm watching the cars from AB Flug, RE-Amemiya NA7 and the dress up machine and others are in their final stages of preparation.

On a liberating note for me...

RE-Xtreme Version III has left my posession so at the moment I am FD3sless. That hasn't really dampened my love for the beast though. Maybe one day....    Maybe... There might be another.


  1. Awesome man, looking forward to the Time Attack coverage. Sad news about the FD, but it seems you've been trying to sell it for a while now. I just sold my FC this week, so I'm feeling a bit down.

    Always appreciate the great coverage you bring- keep up the good work!

  2. It's a liberating feeling for me.

    who knows what the future holds, but i'll tease you with some awesome FCs

  3. I'm glad to hear that then. Thanks for the latest FC posts- it's such good, good stuff!


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