Monday, December 12, 2011

Tokyo Motor Show - Takeri

Here is the second Kodo design project car.  The "Takeri" concept.

From the front it follows the Shinari. From the front it's still very stunning. But from the front quarter, well hmmm, I'll let you decide on this one. The transformation to a shorter wheelbase and more street legal leaves this version front heavy.  It's equally long like the Shinari, but unlike it's long body touring brother, the nose is very high. I feel this car is simply weak in proportions and ends up looking pugish. The low window line doesn't help either.

Mazda did a good job of hiding the bad angles on their website. As much as I was impressed with the Shinari, I couldn't take a bad photo, but this one I found there were only a few angles that looked great.  Check the Mazda Design  site for their good shots....

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