Monday, December 12, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - Pull my...

...Leg Sport. The Leg Motorsports RX-8 was the first thing I shot at super battle. The shiney metallic blue and carbon contrasting well with the shine from the melting snow as I looked down from the warmth of the press room.

Unfortunately, but without regret I left that warm room and set about the task of balancing imagery with the dull Tsukuba backdrop.

The car is now wearing new front bumper and has the new side skirts as well. these now feature the carbon lower lip and create a dark lower edge to the car on one side only. I'm not sure if this was intentional to show both items, but the opposite side wears a blue painted side skirt.

The Rev Speed photographers always bring each of the cars in turn to the scrutineering area and get some shots at the same angle. The steep back at this point creates a clean background.

Yes, it was still cold. The hot exhaust gas clearly visible in temps around 3 degrees. no fog though for the F1 style LED that are becoming popular for diffusers.

Luckily it warmed up a little which allowed some dryer looking images. I love the LEG Sport TAG Heuer logo.

And the Super Sexy SA-60M donated by Weds Sport with some nice good-year radials. The matching titanium muffler is a nice touch.

Sometimes you notice things from afar. BLING!

Under the hood they have added some simple gold reflective shield to combat intake temps and a huge oil catch can setup.

Best on the day of 1'03.847, Ooi-san showed his prowess by getting this car to punch above it's weight.



  1. That is an awesome looking RX-8. Any more info on times and motor set-up ? Also is that aero kit produced by Leg Motorsports ?

  2. Check the other post for comparison times.
    Leg Sport Aero
    Engine is stock renesis with ecu, intake and exhaust. Basic stuff.
    Leg sport shocks and a good driver


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