Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - Magicate

Sharply round is what you might call the R-Magic RX-8

The addition of the Black VR. Wheels are part of the complete package. This car was temporarily wearing orignal RX-8 wheels on the day and it looked terrible. But thankfully Ohara-san slipped the VR's back on.

The white federal lettering on the tyres also spells RACE CAR and the car struggled with the wet track to a best in the 1.04 range which is still very good considering the conditions. We can expect this to get quicker as the guys dial in the F2-201s. For a near stock engined RX8, it is still very good.

Better move out of the way for the turbo cars though. Unfortunately this rx8 is not going "round the outside"

Big Bird is ready for take off.

Got Wing... Will fly.



  1. does the R-magic SE3P also 3 rotor or do they use renesis ? great pictures and write up
    my favorit blog !

  2. Love rx8's ist the only rx I fit in!


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