Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - Early Feeding Time.

Fujita Engineering really amplify the FD3s Shape with their body kit. It's art in motion.

Another of the Street Registered cars driven to the circuit. The TCII with Neova endured a long 6 hour drive from Osaka. (maybe a bit faster...hehe)

We can see why this is the Feed Advan Rx-7 use your calculator. in Japan they are 36000 each.

The mechanics work hard at these events... What's the first set ? Lets start with Advan RGII in Silver with refreshed rubber.

Prepping the cars in freezing temps is not glamorous.

Glamour is the driver's job.

Ooi-san is a bit of a legend and he had the FD3s balanced beautifully. Long tiny slides under acceleration on the wet track.

This is only one sequence, but he repeated his deft touch lap after lap.

As he played with the paint.

 The final corner at tsukuba has got to be scary in the wet. Almost no margin for error.

You may have noticed the 30th Anniversary stickers on the car. Quite an achievement.

Apart from the rotary shield, this new car wears the red Fujita F slash with the grey wording hardly visible.

Rear suspension and 30mm spacers. I'm sure this car could go much faster if Fujita ran advans 295 rubber instead of sticking with 255. But it is a road car I guess.

Front disks are showing signs of wear and the temp stickers reading the wet weather temps.

Curves and vents.

under the hood you find the new spec Fujita Engineering engine with FMIC (yes they still work...if done properly)

Big Single and all the supporting pluming finished nicely.

The carbon cover is a cosmetic piece but gets your attention.

I was lucky to find the car in scrutineering. the back light a blessing.

I played with this image a bit but it looks quite stunning in it's Japanese setting.

I'll have more in a second part coming up soon as Feed Attacks.


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