Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - Eat Bread!

WTF? Well, "Pan" is "Bread" in Japanese and 8 is whatever it is...

Hammer Down out of the 1st corner at Tsukuba! the NA sickness that is the rotor sound of the Pan Speed RX8 is unforgettable. Head towards the S curves at full throttle, the rear squat on this car is awesome!

The car is so low, that it seems to get sucked onto the track.

Through the infield under Dunlop corner, the cars require a balance upon turn in here with not too much brake and just a little lift.

I love getting the outside of cars in these shots as they roll a little on the suspension. Super low!

But when you are mid corner and there's still a little trail brake, maybe you missed the apex slightly. Time to reassess quickly.

The RX-8 is the unloved rotary. 4 doors were its life and ultimately death. the casual tourer but never the aggressive monster. Tuning companies have tried hard to change it's character. Both Pan Speed and R-Magic push the envelope.

Over fenders cover the CE28N nicely.

Squat and Tuck are words we could use here. Something about shooting in the wet brings great effect and reflection. But sometimes we still love that wet carbon shine.


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