Friday, December 23, 2011

Tsukuba Super Battle 2011 - Revolving

One Revolution of TC2000 elapsed in '54.713. Too Slow!

As the Revolution TA-2 left the pit for it's first attempt, almost every eye was on the car.

I quickly headed up on the pit tower to get a few shots as I knew 3 laps wasn't enough time to get over to the other side of the track. Such is time attack photography.

This shot shows a bit more exhaust gas out the back on a hot lap. The car sits very low for positive ground effect.

You can't even tell the car is under FULL braking here. Spring compression is negligible.

The line here is setting up for the hairpin. The damp track resulted in less than impressive times (as far as the team were concerned) but still rewarded them with fastest open class car of the day. With 2 seconds in the track can we expect a 52 second lap from the car?

Again under full braking, the car is flat as is cornering, the car hardly rolls on it's suspension.

On a hot lap here, using ALL the road and ALL the ripple strips for maximum return.

I'm really looking forward to more times as the season progresses.

I'll finish my TSB 2012 posts with this inspirational shot. Brake lights a glow as the car heads around the inner hairpin at Tsukuba Circuit 2000.

Catch me if you can!



  1. Stunning! I would love to see and hear these cars in action, but your coverage is the next best thing, Russ. Keep it coming :-)

  2. Macer I didn't take any video this time, because the last video had a lot of the similar footage.

    1. Hi, thinking of going to the 2000 spring super battle at Tsukuba in April 2013. Do you know whether you can buy tickets at the event or whether you need to book in advance. We are travelling from the UK. Thanks


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