Monday, November 28, 2011

7's Day 2011 - F-See

Here's a little inspiration for those FC-Xtremists among us. Most FD owners have probably had an FC or two in their past...

These are the ones they probably dreamed about. Border / Tamon / Convertible with TE37 and V-Mount.

Or perhaps an RE-Amemiya FC-2000 front to complement some older tuning components like these MS-01 Mazdaspeed rims.

How about THE original RE-Amemiya Greddy II widebody with 928 headlight conversion on OZ rims. Awesome or what!!!!

Or maybe something wider... this car tuned by ERC features some extra wild parts from Border, Tamon and more.

Makes you want one again, doesn't it? I wonder if the electrics are still working?


  1. At last!

    Got more of the 1st and 3rd?

    Check the blog everyday for updates, keep it up!


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