Saturday, November 19, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Amemiya Fans!

 Here's something you see often. Scoot Bonnet  + RE-Amemiya N1 Facer. Nice!

Here's something you don't see every day. RE-Amemiya cars on Advan wheels, especially RS-D.

One of THE favoured combo's by many in Japan for purposeful aerodynamics with soft lines that suit the FD3s very well. The carbon canard pro set adds the edge to the look.

The car wears a decent dish, but I feel the effect is lessened by the two color finish. The body on this car was very difficult to photograph. A metallic blue flip style grey metallic paint that changed in every shot. I'm sure at night this machine would look amazing though! The owner chose nice paint, so the lights were still pop up style.

But the daytime shows it's high "road" stance. Anyone with an AD GT Kit will know, the side skirts are sometimes more of an issue than the front of the car for ride height, so it is practical. This is the AD-GT II kit on the rear arches. Still not sure this is the better option.

But... I photo-shopped this shot just to see the effect of another inch drop... as expected ... AMAZING!

Now photographing cars in a car-park is not an easy task. there's always something in the way.  On this day, it was just "another bloody RX7" hiding access to the rear finisher panel and GT II wing. This shot easily shows the differences between the two wings in width and mounting position. GT III in the foreground.

As with anything in Japan. from a distance, the same car, but up close. The small differences create an entirely new look. Hood 9, Sleek lights, Carbon look Super Greddy 7 Mirrors...

The same bumper although without the undersweep and back to the RE-Amemiya trademark Enkei GTC complemented by the duck egg blue/white.

It all looks great until you see something you don't want to. Super greddy 7 rear bumper...!!!!! I'll never like it. Maybe black would hide the hideous bulge. ... Maybe... My mind is open.

I said before I'd never post another pic of this rear, but at least it's obscured slightly.


Two great cars!

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