Sunday, July 31, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Ca Co E

 Kakko ii! in Japanese means cool!

The CCE Fd3s has been slowly evolving. It's one of the newer companies in Japan and offers some unique parts that form small enhancements, but when combined offer a complete car parckage.

Front Bar is complete with ducting and under-panel, fenders allow for same size wheel selections, in this case 18" Rays RE30.

Splitter is wide enough to offer effective aerodynamic enhancement.

The flat floor is also effective for drag reduction.

The car had it's issues on the day, but still managing 1:05 on Direzza in qualifying for the Hot version race.

Smooth profile is very .... smooth.

Sard Fuji rear wing and the RE-Amemiya rear diffuser is supported by an additional wing on the wottom of the car.

I'll call it the shredder! If the front doesn't get you, the sides or rear will cut off your ankles.

Starting in the reverse grid race in front of these, the result was opposite as expected, but for a car with almost stock power, it's still a good achievement with about 50~70 hp less than these other monsters.

If you want some fresh ideas, check out CCE Web

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