Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Gills and Fins

 The latest evolution from Isami Amemiya.

The Evolution Super Greddy III kit is all about refinement.

Front lights are improved and now incorporate the indicator and everything flows a little better.

The fins cover the stock wing holes as the GT-3 wing is street legal it allows the GT Wing on the street and cleans up the hatch without much effort.

Some reflections remind us where we are. The car has keyless entry and rear wiper and all the luxury FD options available from the showroom. and those few RE-Amemiya touches.

 RE-Amemiya "Super 1" is available for sale as a street legal complete car package for around 5 Million Yen. although Ama-san may keep it as his personal car.

The car wears Enkei RP-F1 in 17" for ride and comfort.

Check out more in Option2 Magazine & their DVD explains that even with a stock boost up engine, it can really be enjoyed on a daily basis. sometimes we forget that.