Monday, July 25, 2011

7's Day 2011 - DEEF

Passionate collectors are going to hate this DEEF FD. Why?

Because of this. No 209 is dead.  Get over it. It can always be restored in the year 2102 for it's 100 year anniversary when it's all irrellevant anyway. By then I'll be able to molecularly build anything I want.

The DEEF fd was at Tsukuba primarily for the Hot Version /now/ Option 2 DVD that will feature the FD3s / Rx8 tuner race.

Fujita-san has chosen the single turbo Spirit R "Street" version for the race.

So why did he add all the DEEF stickers? Surely he want's to promote his products.

I mean almost everything under the bonnet has a logo. Radiator, Air Separator, Strut bar, Piping, Throttle Body, Radiator Cap, Oil Cap, Battery Holder, and more.The lighter and higher output alternator is becomming a common item.

 But these logo's don't say DEEF?

Ahhh, now I get it. The reverse side has the FEED logo. Afflux and Sonic Power are the other Fujita Engineering brands.

On track the car still has that certain fujita style. But the rear remains un-fendered. It's the rear fenders that really make these cars look fat but as the rears can always accommodate big rubber, the fronts are really all that the car needs.

Screaming past the main stand, It's still a very clean and smooth machine.

Heading under the Dunlop bridge, the spinning 17" Advan RGII wheels look good.

Fujita's Afflux II body kit really looks the part also. Don't know about the massive logo though, but it does get attention.

Even if it is spelled reverse half the time. DEEF grid position for the race was 5rd. that means it started from the mid field. Behind were Revolution and Pan speed RX8, RE-Amemiya's 9 and FAM Speed's 630hp car.

You'll have to watch the upcoming video to see where the "deef" FD finished.


  1. Can't wait for that's gonna be awesome, I bet.

    Love FEED always, but I would like to see some up close shots of the "Famspeed" machine.

  2. I have a big close up on that car actually

    Stay tuned


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