Monday, July 18, 2011

7's Day 2011 - RE-Amemiya 9

Lets start with a bit of action. The Super Greddy III bodied boost up "kyu-dai".

 The car has recently conquered the mountains again and roughly translated re-earns the title of "Touge Monster"

The profile of the machine is very different to the regular rx7. Very short front over hang and the rear sloping trunk and drops away along the hatch line.

Sometimes it's nice to speed up the shutter speed and take a good look. Small additions have been added to the splitter and the wheels have recently been upgraded to new 18" Enkei PF-01

As qualifying times counted on this day, drivers pushed hard. There's a nice little sideways action here under Tsukuba's Dunlop bridge.

The car wasn't still for very long on 7's day. It certainly did a few hot laps with a best of 1'01.149 on Neova with Taniguchi at the wheel.

After a hard day of track work, the car headed to Umi Hoteru on the street for a bit of a meeting.