Saturday, July 23, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Lucky 13

13! Cool! 13 B! Yes! Sometimes it just makes sense.

Pan Speed cars are a bit interesting for me. TA car aside, they never look 100% finished.

If you consider their parts selection individually, some are very cool...

unlike RE-Amemiya however, their components don't mix and match so well and that leads to the "that could be better" imagery. Some components usually look better on cars with other manufacturer's bodykits.

As Pan Speed's bumpers and fenders have evolved, the "tacky" rear over fenders and old style mirrors are starting to look really dated and fail to match the newer front. Can you really see any benefit at all for that small bend in the front splitter? It just seems to disrupt the line. The normal bumper also looks a bit out of place without a big down force generating diffuser.

However these points are minor. Side skirts run far under the car to create a flat floor and are an awesome design.

This shot in profile looks pretty good with a little blur covering some detail. I'd say change three or four minor things and it would be perfect. The small defelector behind the front wheel is a newer part that works well to cover the gap usually behind and tries to match the vent on the fender. Anyway, Gold CE28N in 17" are the wheel of choice with Dunlop providing grip. Aussie GCG turbo's are a company that seems to have successfully penetrated the Japanese market.

I've got another post coming on the slightly more aggressive and very very fast yellow street machine. It's about 98% Awesome.

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