Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Goes well with Beef

 What colour? Burgundy, Shiraz or Wine Red. Elegantly tough. Sink your teeth into a big steak and then have a sip of wine.

Details are rough, but that's half the appeal of a circuit machine. When you USE something, perfecting visual details don't really matter. As with most cars on 7's day, the owners weren't around when I was. So getting details was difficult. 16 and 17" TE37 with deep offset and Advan S-tyres.

Like the burnt rear bumper. Flamage! Forsight body panels and some complements with extended guards and RE-Amemiya carbon diffuser make this wider and that little bit tougher.

Heading out on track. Serious time.

On track profile is awesome. Mirrors are smooth. High rake bonnet has a massive vent! Rear hatch is also acrylic for weight saving. Privateers sometimes have the best cars being unrestricted to mix and match.

Even from afar, its still awesome. Like a drunken carnivore.



  1. Love it! Makes me change my mind about owning a 2nd FD, and picking up a FC instead.

  2. I like the sideskirts and overall look of the car, definitely a nice touch by going 17 & 16in wheels. I'm happy ouy gus are posting a lot more FC content as well.


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