Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goodwood 2011 - 787B

 A little bit more nostalia. The 24hr Le Mans winning 787B.

Goodwoods's hill sees it's fair share of vintage and sports history. An event I have on my list of "must get to"s

One of RE-Xtreme's readers was there and sent us these shots. Paul chatted to the driver who stated "I can't not believe how the engine in this car spun up, how quickly it gains revs and the fact that it just makes power the whole time as it gains revs."

These cars are never as pretty as you imagine up close, but that adds to the character. Some of the details on these cars are amazing. The front wheel covers. The plank floor etc.

This car was fully restored recently at Mazda Japan. I've heard this at over 300kph at Fuji Speedway in 2002 and it was a special thing indeed. Paul stated it wasn't as pitchy as he'd imagined. Any rotary lover needs to hear this car once in your life, preferably at full speed and sustained high revs.

Thanks to Paul Young for sending these snaps. Ol' no 55 is pretty incredible and it's amazing how much this car is loved in Japan. The car features a couple of "Ganbare Japan" stickers to support the tsunami appeal...

... and a little gopro camera. You can check the Mazda link for the video from goodwood.  Also check the Mazda link from my facebook page to see the results of this little camera at Le Mans and the full restoration.