Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Pink bits.

This car was doing double duty on the day. Grip and Drift.

 Again, this car was finished to perfection. Deep burgundy candy with a little pink cherry on top. Carbon parts tinted to match. Vented sleek light kit for the circuit and Hood 9 gurneys on this car also. Something from Super GT.

Gram Lights 57D with original RE-Amemiya AD-GT widebody. Just the basics. Not such an expensive conversion.

This car is street registered but that wing is definitely NOT street legal. 1800 or more mm.

 Bright LED brake light conversion looks awesome. And a big canon!

I followed the grip driver around for a closer look. Yep it's just as pretty under the hood. Twin turbo v-mount polished to a nice shine.

Later in the day, I noticed a little moccoman's sticker on the windscreen, then it was out on track.

Problems with the Yellow car forced a switch and the guys were having a ball.

Suzuki-san also joining in the action in the FC. But we all know how this ends up... yes... in tears.

If you have something like this and don't own a body shop, Think twice before drifting it, especially with close following drivers.
Here's a little tip. Once your car is on track, consider it "possibly" destroyed. This one doesn't look like this now.



  1. Fantastic car. Love the rear LEDs - are they the FEED/CC one's?

  2. Not sure macer
    All those LEDs are available through so many companies
    DIY ??


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