Thursday, July 21, 2011

7's Day 2011 - 767B

 The 767B is one of the LE Mans legends.

Supporting this machine is a team effort. Throwing a couple of magnesium volk rims and slicks Mazda around is a routine using these machines in absence of a renewed sports lineup.

Flames exit here.

Its amazing how fast these Le Mans cars are. When you see them on a circuit like Tsukuba you can't really feel the power.

You can still hear it coming, but its never running at top speed. Which is a shame, the engine screams.

The Renown Charge color scheme has become just as legendary as the cars themselves. At Tsukuba, there was one fan who created his own replica. This 575B probably refers to the 575cc engine that the Mazda AutoZam1 uses.