Sunday, July 17, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Totally Magic

Total Car Produce Magic have been working on their 4 rotor FD for a long time and it's ready.

The car has a certain size to it that create's attention. Gram lights sponsor see 57 ultimate with shaved rims sections adorn this car.

Their G-Face kit is focused for track use and C-West light cluster remove weight.

While canards, spliters and difussers control airflow and downforce.

The guys have been very careful with the car. It has kind of lost focus as a drift car and become a time attack / display machine for the time being.

The heart of the machine deserves a close up.

13b + 13b = 4 rotors of hell. I guess the main feature is the oil canister. There's so much space without inter-cooler piping.

Those trumpets, fuel rail and ignition system is quite elaborate, no wonder it takes a while to sort out. It is being perfected.

Finally the car did some track work. It wasn't as loud as I'd imagined as Tsukuba's limits were adhered to with what seemed to be a more restrictive muffler.

A very impressive machine that is going to create some commotion in the scene. We should see this on a Japanese video release soon.