Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Shining Armor

 Knights Sports have always had the reputation for sensibility. Nothing too crazy or wild. Just stuff that works well with good reliability.

Well, when I say not too wild, we are still talking over 420hp from a single turbo v-mount setup, however it remains quite street-able. Note the air pump for emmisions and AC remains.

Some close up details include the flip top release oil cap and big throttle body.

Pull back and you can see the chrome hook and a front bar with large openings. Any tuner that has a Type 5 bumper has usually been around for a while. In Knight Sports case, that's since 1971.

So this car still perplexes me a little, it often circulates with slower results than others and just seems a bit soft. Tall ride height for the street, I guess has it's drawbacks.

Somehow this much sideways correction coming onto the main straight isn't good.

The other thing that interests me is the reasoning behind wider rear fenders and normal fronts. Al most every other company runs wider front wheels and pumped guards on the front.

 Maybe it's just that their type 4 front fenders don't match the front bar. However it is strange that the car can't run lower. The rear image continues to be one of the defining images of a tuned FD. The vented Knight Sports rear bumper is a favourite among many and the new diffuser makes it even better.

The car drinks like any FD. Regular trips to the gas pump are something we all know about. About 150yen/l in Japan at the moment for high octane. A quick fill after the qualifying runs.

This is the cool down lap after the DVD tuner feature race. It was a congested at the start and many were stuck with no way past in the reverse grid race. The car started with only the CCE  fd in front of the car. It was only 5 laps for the fast guys to get past. Most didn't.

The way it played out left the car in a good position which was enough for a semi-celebratory drift.

Still an excellent machine for a street car. I wonder what they are planning for the future. Their new RX-8 body kit is looking awesome, so we shall see that debut soon.



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