Saturday, July 30, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Black Magic

This is the R-Magic street demo car driven daily by Ohara-san.

Running on Federal 595RS-R tyres, this car can still set some pretty impressive times. 1:05 range for a pretty basic boost up street car is not too bad.

Almost with no aero, just a stock rear wing, you can bet it's a bit of a handful. The R-Magic "RE-Quarter" wide body doesn't add too much to the width of the car. It basically allows you to run 265 or 255 all round. This version is for the R-Magic rear bumper also. It's a little deeper than the standard bumper version.

Disappearing down the front straight, you'd hardly give the car a second look. However, we need a closer look.

18" Gram Lights 57 Ultimate in black and translucent blue clear over the machined finish are nice highlights.You can still see the front fenders struggle to hide the larger rubber though.

 Ai:z are the trademark R-Magic headlight feature and their vented bonnet is the matching  item for their massive V-mount kit. The N1 bumper is a remnant from older super taikyu "N1" racing, but somehow looks dated without the additional extended lip spoiler and splitter so common these days.

This shot shows the ride compliance side of the suspension. A little softer than others on the day.

Rolling through the hairpin, the suspension is hunkered down in this image as I took cover behind the barriers. Stock brakes are adequate.

You can also see the body roll here, but still controlled. Which kind of presents some questions, why is the car on track?

And the squat from the rear under acceleration makes this car look a little out of place. But that doesn't matter. Does it?

Although still one of those very pretty cars that you don't want destroy. The track is the only place these days you can drive safely at speed. If you are happy to practice some driving skills on the track and then cruise home and drive to work, you hardly need a full tune monster that's totally impractical. Just a clear track, no speed limits and silky smooth tarmac can still bring that smile.

With the right mods for reliability, you can still get out there and have fun improving yourself while enjoying the fun of driving your car. You may only even practice one safe corner to learn a car or enjoy just the straight. It's all good.

Driving is something you must learn, it's not just the car. Driving is a bit of "Black Magic" and maybe this car could showcase a great driver more than others, requiring experience and the strong, yet deft touch to get the most from it.

This car can reward driving with looks to match, every day of the week.


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