Sunday, July 24, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Suzuki FC3s

 No that's not a error. A look at the ever evolving FC driven by Suzuki-san.

You have to get up early to photograph drift cars at their best. Because, much like in rally, by the end of the day, they are usually destroyed in some way. Suzuki-san on the left.

Here's the result after the first few laps. A small coming together with the Moccomans fd. The bumper repaired with the same colour tape. A common repair technique for the drift fraternity.

 Even not sideways, the car looks awesome. Suzuki used to drive the RE-Amemiya's prep'd D1SL FD. The car features re-a mirrors, diffuser and light conversion, but that's about it. The Livery however dates back to Ama-san's first FC3s adventures and the older Greddy cars.

 Pink Advan Model 6 are a cool touch along with the super Vatman Sanai wing.

His other car, the Sexy Knights FD, has had a few problems recently so wasn't ready for 7's day unfortuantely.

But the FC still rips up the Tsukuba hairpin without issue. LED rear lights are one off and cool.

This was the last shot before the car was destroyed in among a 6 car train.  It sometimes ends that way. Tsukuba circuit isn't so forgiving.


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