Thursday, July 28, 2011

7's Day 2011 - White Spirit

Another Spirit R that's had more than just cosmetic surgery. A few transplants also.

You simply can't ignore this car. Making it's way from Kansai for the event was this monster machine and luckily on the day he receive the no 7 door sticker.

An abused race car that wasn't so long ago hitting up the touge as a street car. Since it's rebuild though it became a bit more serious after a full cage was installed and some seem welding.

this 500+hp machine wears a customised RE-Amemiya 2002 Super GT replica bodykit and that massive Espirit rear wing with huge end plates is also reminiscent of Super GT. Around 2meters in width.

 The wheels are Rays TE37 18x10.5J +15 and there's still space. Titanium exhaust is a new feature. If you notice the REsonance stickers on this machine. It's a club for hardcore road racers from the late 90's.

Now prepped by Still Way and Gluck, the car is pretty quick as you'd expect and a pretty good machine for a privateer to be running. It's been through 4 colour schemes from memory and always looks good.

I'm not sure how much has changed since I featured this car before. But here are the old specs.

Side Port (FEED Stillway)
Rotor Compression 8.5
Stilway 3mm Apex Seal
HKS TO4Z Turbine
HKS Racing Wastegate
ARC intercooler
TRUST 16 Oil Cooler × 2
Trust Aluminium 3Turn Radiator
Stillway Big throttle body

Crux Shox
Swift Springs
NAGISA F.Pillow Upper Arm 
NAGISA Rear Pillow Rod
NAGISA Pillow Tension Rod
NAGISA Rear Lower Arm 
F Brembo F50Brembo Caliper
R Brembo Brake Caliper
Mazda Sentia Brake Master Cylinder
Front Brake Pad Change
CRAFT.S  F.340mm
Brembo   R.320mm
Stabiliser Bracket Aluminium

EXEDY Twin Metal Clutch
EXEDY Light Flywheel
OS Giken SuperLock LSD 2Way 

BOSCH Fuel Pump
Boost Hi・Lo Switch
A'pexi FC Commander
Defi BF Water Temp
Defi BF Oil Temp
Defi BF Oil Pressure
Defi BF Boost

RE-Amemiya 2002 GT Replica kit
RE-Amemiya Hood 9
RE-Amemiya Diffusser
Carbon Doors
Acrylic Windows
Stillway Rear Gate FRP
Stillway Titanium Muffler
320mm steering Wheel
NAGISA LED Tail lamps
SAITOU Roll cage  10Point with custom install.
Brake Bias Valve
Collector Tank
Gasoline Cooler
Original Canards

After all those components, you need another look.


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