Sunday, July 17, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Moccoman's RE-Fresh!

This car gets better.

First change. Mazdaspeed GT-C front bumper. Second change is the full RE-Amemiya GT-AD II kit including sides diffusers and rear diffuser extensions and mirrors.

I guess you can's miss the paint. But it has actually returned to it's former glory two versions ago. But overall much much better!

I guess we need to focus on the rims. Gun Blue over fluro yellow is amazing!

Weds TC105N and a spare set of RE-30. Note the rear wing also body colour. Not common.

Toyo proxes are the tyre of choice. Still not going to last long. Carbon parts have a yellow tint.

Fuel pump and interior is setup and functional. Nardi Takata and Recaro are all the names you need.

Warm up lap the car was in line.

Then mash the pedal! And hold it flat.

Some attendees got a sideways lap in the car...

Rear Ab-Flug bumper and modifed re-amemiya light cover looks cool too.

So fresh like citrus lemon and lime.

Unfortunately the car was not quite running perfectly, backfiring adding to the commotion. So it was saved after a few morning runs.

but while it was out on track, the view was amazing!

The guys run a body shop so it's a great showcase for them. A drift spin avoidance caused a bit of damage to the rear also, but that's the price of drift.

My favourite fd3s rx-7 (again) at sevens day.