Sunday, July 24, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Pan Fried Banana

There's something about this particular banana coloured machine that just works that gives it extra caramel sweetness.

Unlike their red demo car. This one is a recent build. As much as I groan about the red car, this one receives all the superlatives and I don't know why really. Maybe it just has a bit more attention to detail and a bit more attack in the times.

It is a complete build single turbo street car that runs 58 seconds. Non-Pan Speed additions to this machines are RE-Amemiya diffuser and sleek lights, some small motor bike mirrors and that's it. But those few thinks really change the appearance.

The bright in your face colour also hides the rear fender line and mismatched fenders. The car also sits much lower due to the shock absorber top mount spacers create stance borrowed from the main Time Attack SPL. Front tyres sit well inside the body.

The front spoiler wave also seems to disappear in the colour. V-mount retains A/C for the trip to the track.

17" Rays Volk Racing CE28N are complementary to the brembo calipers and slotted rotors.

And the brakes seem to work at the end of the front straight. As the front of the car squats down those few extra mm, it creates a flat and low image. Cars like this seem to have extra appeal for me. Frontal clearance must only be about 40mm and through corners even less.

So basically, this Pan Speed machine ran 58.673 to keep it's name as the "Street King"

And yes, that is a Sard Banana wing.


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  1. I like the yellow, but I also have a sonic yellow subaru. I've contemplated painting the FD to match, but I don't think I could ever do that :) I like these PanSpeed cars, thanks for the 7's day posts, can't get enough!


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