Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7's day 2011 - Samurai Style

Ever been for a ride in a drift machine? Want to?

This car was almost finished in time for 7's day. The Kanto technical college students involved with the body being fitted just 1 day previously and stickers remain from the last D1 Street Legal round. There was still a little preparation needed for Takahiro Imamura.

The ex-Drift Samurai has a more relaxed style these days although he wasn't 100% happy with the fit yet. The car's body lines are hard to match and aligning RE-Amemiya lights is always a lot of trouble.

The car also features a common in Japan Drift setup of squat rear with 18" and higher front ride height with 17" rims. It helps control and traction this way, but rarely looks good in the pit. On track at full lock, there's no issue.

So I guess, that means the rear shall remain the best angle for the car. Imamura's sponsors include BN Sports of course and Toyo Tyres, who also sponsor the D1 car, Car Shop Lead used car sales centre that supplied the machine and Ajito rotary tuning shop who prep the D1 machines.

While this high hp car couldn't really hang with Suenaga's old D1-7 on the day, it's still capable of awesome entries.

Good controlled slides and... laying two black lines about 100meters long. unfortunately a mishap late in the day will see the car heading back to school for some work on the "MAD FD".