Saturday, September 3, 2011

7's Day 2011 - SG3

A new Super Greddy III? Actually, this one is the 2nd car made. After the Prototype this was production vehicle number 001.

I spied it in the truck stop as I made my way to Tsukuba. maybe he was going to watch. I was wrong.

 This car reminds me of my last FD. How can something this pretty, be used on the circuit? Because it's capable and the user wants to have fun, right?

 The navi still running... Yep thats Tsukuba. Temps around 86 after a thrashing. V-Mount working. Shifter looks a bit serious!

 I took a few shots of the rear gate, because it is one of the main features. I'm not sure how much work is involved to fit the hatch, but the slope is quite steep.

I took a couple of shots at slightly different angles to show the curve. The tan and black interior is an interesting choice.

 But everything is in order unbecoming a track car and still looking every bit the Auto Salon show car it was.

Speed is good.

Enough to gobble up some competition.

I'm still enjoying the look of these cars a few years on. they have that bespoke look that has people guessing.

Small changes include the wing (from the flat end plate-less version) and new canards.

There's now about seven of these beasts in existence in various colours including one in singapore.

A nice machine for a highway or mountain drive, Tsukuba thrashing and return. I believe this one was around 5.5million yen off the RE-Amemiya yard a while back. That's normal S2000 money.


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