Thursday, September 8, 2011

7's Day 2011 - Old School is New

These two represent over 20 years of design from the house of RE-Amemiya.

I shot this 1989 Greddy 1 bodied FC back in 2004 and it hasn't changed at all since then. It was already perfected with minor body changes and a 500+hp Scoot engine. Panasport G7 complete the picture.

The Rx8 below represents the newest design from RE-Amemiya lifted from the D1 Rx-8, but basically takes the same philosophy. Super Wide and Vented = Super Cool. I've seen the RX-8 before so I didn't take any more shots this time, but it was interesting to see them side by side within a few meters of one another.

Maybe a detailed flash back is in order of both cars as I didn't feature any FC or RX-8 on RE-Xtreme in the past. Stay tuned.


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