Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flashback - Ef-Shi

Having owned 2 FC Rx-7's in the past, shooting this car was a lesson for me in what is possible. Sign up below for FC SCHOOL!

Lesson 1. Dangerous Curves.

This is a Super Greddy 1 Body kit by RE-Amemiya. We might say the curves are generous.

 The rear fenders are simply massive. The louvres beside the rear lights add about 50mm but the rear fenders are much wider than that 150mm at a guess.

Lesson 2. A Side dish.

Filling the generous curves are these Panasport G7 wheels. The dish is simply amazing in person. 295 section rears are stretched slightly for an amazing stance.

 Lesson 3. Menacing Vison.

When your car appears in anyone's mirror, that's sometimes a call to action or a call to submission.
The converted lights don't reduce drag at night like flip up lights do. The vents mean that something needs cooling and the custom race tow hook means that sometimes there also maybe that need for serious circuit action.

Do you want to challenge?

Lesson 4. Back it all up.

If you drive a car that is so far off the normal scale. You's better have the power to support it. You may want to enlist someone special to build an engine capable of serious performance. Koseki-san from Scoot preformed the engine work and built something ported and capable.

A generous snail of the Trust T-78 variety provides generous boost to produce over 500hp with ease. Wangan specials like this often are tuned for top end so the low end lag of a big turbine is irrelevant.

 Of course running this sort of power requires a myriad of upgrades for reliability. Huge radiator and inter-cooler and the custom piping required is also installed.

Lesson 5. Driver Support.

For this to not go out of control, the driver needs to have control.  A huge bucket, grippy Personal suede steering wheel, brake bias controller, and ample engine monitoring is necessary for good decision making  and input at speed from the driver seat. An 11 point roll cage provides the rigidity and reassurance that if it does get a bit wild then you aren't going to do too much damage. Heat reduction on the floor and solid foot work is a also supported in this car.

Lesson 6. Show Off!

If you have something like this, don't leave it in the shed. Get out and enjoy it! The car commands respect.

Even sitting next to the Scoot 4 rotor, this FC gets just as many looks. Huge Scoot rear wing adds another dimension. You will get attention. Some people crave it, some people hate it. If you hate attention, don't build a car like this.

Lesson 6. Drive it and Enjoy.

When you have a beautiful machine, the pleasure comes from the feelings and aura surrounding something special.

A car like this also creates that bespoke image that has people guessing. What's that? In this image the uneducated wouldn't have a clue.

Practical ride hight is useful, sometimes 300klms/hour does something to ride height. So don't be fooled by this stance. Easily able to negotiate the odd parking area and service station. It's a street car after all.

Lesson 7. Membership.

The other thing that happens is that you end up with an equally obsessed group of car crazy friends to help you enjoy your machine. In this picture you have some of the best cars in Japan. It's kind of a natural attraction.

Lesson over.

Your graduation assignment?...   Build something better.


  1. Mooooooooooooore FC content.

    I love all the greddy cars, and this one being one off the better. More fc content would take this blog from awesome to amazing. I already read everything and pop by once or twice I day.

  2. Do you have more on the Scoot fd? awesone blog keep op the good work!

  3. I shot it on Debut in 2003...

    Maybe I should Upload the full size pics one day. It now has a full 13b based engine.

    this post is a bit old.


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