Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flashback - Tas 2011 - Hattari 8

Let's take a look at the RE-Amemiya D1 bodykit on this comfortable daily driven RX-8

 The image of this car was probably better than the Hurricane 7 at TAS in January 2011, however the car went almost un-noticed on the stand. It is an automatic which may seem strange, but in tokyo as a daily car it makes total sense. RE-雨宮 has a number of support parts to complete the car from front to back - everything from the radiator to the upgraded LSD and Ultimate silent muffler. Behind the mesh is an inter-cooler pointing to the RE-雨宮AT Turbine Kit linked to TRUST E-Manage ECU. This may make up for the AT drive-drain.

One might wonder about the impact of the matt gun metal finish applied to the Hurricane 7. However not to be, This RX-8 is a subtle cruiser that is designed to be aggressive however not pull that extreme attention.

The full kit includes RE-雨宮 AD Eight Facer II and RE-雨宮 AD Eight Facer D1 parts, RE-雨宮 AD Eight Hood D1, RE-雨宮 AD Eight Wide Fender Kit, RE-雨宮 AD Eight Rear Bumper D1 and RE-雨宮 Rear Spoiler.

  The finish creates a nice subtle contrast when light hits the vents and curves on the car. Classy.

Graphics are also subtle in comparison to most RE-Amemiya creations. Slight colour changes match the contrast. Almost unnoticeable in some lighting. inside there's Bride seats and some nice meters for the sports touch.

Suspension includes DG5 suspension and an upgraded power plant frame for rigidity complemented by RE-雨宮 steel front and rear strut tower bars. Amemiya racing 4 pot calipers and 330mm rotors do the stopping.

The rear outlets on the front fenders attract a lot of attention. Wheels are Enkei GTC-01 in 20x8.5 + 40 with Advan Sport V103 245/30ZR20. They seem small among the generous fenders however with the car's sunken ride height, the stance is awesome.

Rear tuck is very well suited.

Rear also receives some nice treatment. It's a really well integrated design to the previous normal bodykit and fenders. i like how RE-Amemiya create body kits you can build onto in an evolutionary way.

The overall image of the car is striking. The updated RX-8 is another that benefits from another point of view in the second design attempt. One thing that I think could be improved is the D1 front bumper. I wonder that the simple mesh doesn't provide much depth to the front face of the car. Some deeper ducting would really add to the design and finish what some may think as incomplete.

However the positives on this car surely outweigh the negatives. RE-Amemiya have created an incredibly "current" and usable machine.

By the way. It's for sale. and check out the Advan gallery for more.



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