Monday, September 19, 2011

7's Day 2011 - M7 SGT Replica

The M7 SGT replica is still going strong. On track, pumping tunes and from it's huge rotary sub-woofer.

The sweeping fenders are a focal point. Front bar is a mix of AC037 and the '99 FD3s we all know.

On track where the real SGT car should be. I still want to see the super GT car with a big turbo! GT2 style. Take it to Le Mans!!!!

So all that remains is this car as a link to the era of JGTC and Super GT.

I have certainly missed the rotary FD in Super GT this year. Almost no interest.

Pit straight. TC2000 is a good place to be.

M7 support in Japan should see this car around for a while longer at least.


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