Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7's Day 2011 - The Scooter

Scoot's bonnet is the no-1 choice in Japan for the FD. This Scoot customer car brings the NB7 style a step forward.

In 2004 when I first met Koseki-san, he revealed the inspiration for the bonnet was based on the Porsche Gt1. Whatever the inspiration, the result is an aggressive shape that perfectly complements an RX-7's already curvy shape. (I must agree because I have one, right?)

The Scoot rear wing is a very wide, thick section that is based on super GT designs. This one is based a little lower, Probably to negate some of the massive effect it has. I can't help thinking that the end-plates should swap sides on this car though. The new Scoot AD version wheel covers are usually for high speed runs. (you may remember Koseki's 327kph run) so they were removed during the day.

As many owners don't get to the track so often or even the first time you hit the track, coming to grips with 400~500hp is often a tricky situation.

There's often a bit of trial and error in the morning sessions, as balance and tune of a car that's usually used in a different place is hard to find without a team of mechanics in support.

But finding friends with similar cars and tuning usually helps. Tsukuba is one place you can find several other Fd3s on any given day to discuss and help dial in your times.

7's day allows even more people to approach tuners for advice and information. Supporting the community is what it's all about.



  1. That Scoot car looks really fast. Any videos?

  2. I should get the video ready one day.

    I forgot I took some actually.. haha.


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